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Bài tập về cấu trúc câu trong tiếng Anh

Bài tập về cấu trúc câu trong tiếng Anh là tài liệu vô cùng hữu ích mà Mầm Non Ánh Dương muốn giới thiệu đến các bạn học sinh tham khảo.

Tài liệu bao gồm nhiều câu hỏi trắc nghiệm ôn tập cấu trúc câu tiếng Anh, tất cả các câu hỏi trắc nghiệm đều có đáp án. Hy vọng với tài liệu này các bạn có nhiều tư liệu tham khảo, củng cố kiến thức nắm chắc về thành phần câu. Qua đó nâng cao hiệu quả học tiếng Anh. Nội dung chi tiết mời các bạn theo dõi bài viết dưới đây.

This post: Bài tập về cấu trúc câu trong tiếng Anh

Bài tập về cấu trúc câu trong tiếng Anh

Exercise 1

1. Aymara _____ an Indian language spoken by approximately one million people in Bolivia and Peru.

a. which is

b. being

c. is

d. it is

2. Many North American universities_____ by private donations.

a. supported

b. are supported

c. which are supported

d. support

3. _______ direct link exists between seat belt use and fever traffic fatalities.

a. There is a

b. A

c. That there is a

d. Because

4. ______ many people learn to make their own repairs and home improvements.

a. When having instruction manuals

b. There are instruction manuals

c. From instruction manuals

d. It is instruction manuals

5. Lake Superior______, borders on the United States and Canada.

a. in the world is the largest lake

b. is largest lake in the world

c. it is the largest lake in the world

d. which is the largest lake in the world

6. Taj Mahl, _____ by Shah Janhan for his wife, is thought to be one of the great architectural wonders of the world.

a. being built

b. was built

c. built

d. been built

7. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier_____ to unidentified soldiers killed in battle, is located in Arlington, Virginia.

a. which a monument

b. a monument

c. is a monument

d. a monument being

8. _____ volcanos can destroy large areas of vergetation.

a. They erupt

b. When they erupt

c. When eruption

d. Their eruption

9. _______ is the biggest city in Michigan, it is not the capital.

a. Detroit

b. It Detroit

c. Although Detroit

d. Detroit, which

10. _______ black cats are bad luck is considered a superstition rather than a fact.

a. That

b. The

c. Although

d. It is that

11. Steel_____ with chromium to produce a no corrosive substance known as stainless steel.

a. is combined

b. that is combined

c. combining

d. when combined

12. _________ the 1930s and 1940s, F.D. Roosevelt was elected to the presidency four times.

a. Since during

b. During

c. Although during

d. While during

13. ______ in 1636, Harvard is one of the most famous universities in the United States.

a. Founding

b. Founded

c. It was founded

d. Being founded

14. Johnny Carson______ late night TV program is watched by millions of insomniacs in the United States, has been on the air for over twenty years.

a. whose

b. who has a

c. which is a

d. however his

15. _______, Jenny Churchill was born in the United States and married an Englishman.

a. She was the mother of Winston Churchill

b. The mother of Winston Churchill

c. Her son was Winston Churchill

d. Winston Churchill was her son

16. A tornado touched down today in Kansas, _______ destruction to cornfields and telephone lines.

a. caused

b. causing

c. that caused

d. it caused

17. Until the fifties, _____ were still in some cities to deliver milk and vegetables.

a. horses and carts

b. there were horses and carts

c. when horses and carts

d. that horses and carts

18. _______ the percentage of working women in the United States has doubled since 1940 has been the result of both economic and social factors.

a. The

b. That the

c. There is the

d. It is the

19. ______ species of plants exist in North America that can cause an allergic skin reaction in humans.

a. There are several

b. If there are several

c. Several

d. It has several

20. A silo is a large cylindrical structure______

a. the storage of crops

b. in which crops are stored

c. where crops are stored there

d. they store crops there

Exercise 2

1. Barns______ to store crops and house animals.

a. built

b. that are built

c. being buit

d. are built

2. Large block of ice were usually used for refrigeration until the 1990s___

a. When the electric refrigerator was invented

b. The electric refrigerator was invented

c. They invented the electric refrigerator

d. The electric refrigerator being invented then

3. ______, leaves from certain trees such as the maple and sassafras turn bright colors.

a. During the fall

b. While the fall

c. The fall comes

d. When comes fall

4. _____ in 1963, John F. Kennedy was perhaps the most popular post World War II president.

a. He was short by Lee Harvey Oswald

b. His being shot by Lee Harvey Oswald

c. Shot by Lee Harvey Oswald

d. Lee Harvey Oswald shot him

5. _________ watercress is found along streams or in low, wet areas.

a. Often there is

b. Often

c. Where often

d. It is often when

6. _______ built as a private home for Elvis Presley, Graceland is now open to the public.

a. Although

b. It was

c. Being

d. When

7. _______ runned of all times is Jesse Owens, who broke six world records in one day.

a. There was the greatest

b. He was the greatest

c. The greatest

d. That he was the greatest

8. ______ of leather, horse saddles are sometimes elaboratory tooled.

a. They are made

b. What are made

c. They make them

d. Made

9. Mount Vernon, ______, has recently been restored to its original colors.

a. George Washington lived there

b. it was where George Washington lived

c. where George Washington lived

d. the place that lived in George Washington

10. Writers can accurately describe objects_____ have never seen.

a. that

b. how they

c. they

d. if they

11. The most devastating of all storms _____ the hurricane, which can measure over 100 miles in diameter.

a. is

b. which is

c. being

d. is that

12. Pioneers, _______ in isolated areas of the United States, were almost totally self-sufficient.

a. who living

b. living

c. lived

d. who that lived

13. ______ is a belief generally held by people who live in colder climates.

a. That weather affects a person’s mood

b. Weather affects a person’s mood

c. A person’s mood is affected by weather

d. Although a person’s mood is affected by weather

14. _____ in 1861 and lasted for four years.

a. The Civil War began

b. When the Civil War began

c. The Civil War beginning

d. The beginning of the Civil War

15. The tool _____ to a wall or other surface is called a trowel.

a. that we apply plaster

b. that plaster applies

c. whose plaster as applied

d. with which plaster is applied

16. The banjo_____ a stringed musical instrument native to the United States.

a. that is

b. it is

c. being

d. is

17. ______, meat takes on the flavor of the wood it was smoked in.

a. It’s when it’s smoked

b. When is it smoked

c. When it is smoked

d. If, when it is smoked

18. The assembly line, ______ by Henry Ford, has brought about many significant changes in automobile production.

a. that invented

b. what was invented

c. was invented

d. which was invented

19. ______ her father’s adivce, Sarah Dade chose medicine as her course of studies.

a. Although

b. Against

c. It was contrary to

d. Opposite

20. _______ important mining area, Kentucky is located in the east central section of the United States.

a. An

b. There is an

c. Being

d. It is an

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